Innovative Solutions

We recognise that sole use of conventional vapour barriers, membranes and liners address only part of the problem. A more holistic integration of science, engineering, building construction and access to a range of technologies and approaches is required to be able to deliver the most effective solutions for both new and existing (retrofit) VMS building projects. Coover has completed projects ranging from a 400m2 residential house up to a 6,000m2 shopping centre complex.

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Coover Vapour Mitigation Solutions Site Conceptual Model (Web)

Extraction fan monitored and controlled via internet / cloud

Sewer Gas Protection

Basement Ventilation

Concrete Additives

Surface Sealants and Coatings

Vapour Barrier Membrane

Vapour Barrier Membrane

In-ground pressure / gas sensors monitored via internet / cloud

Enhanced Biodegradation

Enhanced Biodegradation

Sub-Slab Depressurisation

Sub-Slab Venting

Vertical Wall Venting

Cut Off Wall Venting Trench


Fast, Cost-Effective, Verifiable Solutions

Innovative thinking, science/engineering expertise, high level construction techniques using a suite of vapour mitigation products and technologies sourced from around the world, enables Coover to deliver exceptional solutions and outcomes for our clients whilst delivering safe and enjoyable urban living spaces for the wider community.

Our unique ability to offer the full suite of vapour mitigation solution services enables Coover to control all aspects of the project so we can deliver reliable, verifiable, cost-effective, and timely solutions for our clients. We work closely with the project’s appointed architect, builder, civil contractors, assessor and EPA to ensure there is seamless integration of the VMS into the construction program and final building form.

During construction, our work is regularly checked and independently verified, and on completion of works we comprehensively test and commission the entire VMS. Our service delivery is of the highest standard and regularly endorsed by EPA Auditors.

In order to deliver the best solution for each unique vapour intrusion situation, Coover applies the following a 5-step process:

Coover's Proven 5-Step Process


Description of Works

Duration of Works

  • Review vapour assessment data, Site Conceptual Model (SCM) and Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA)/Vapour Intrusion Risk Assessment reports prepared by appointed environmental consultant and/or EPA Auditor.
  • Review VMS Design Specification provided by VMS Design Consultant.
1-2 weeks
  • Review review of the building form/design including all penetrations/services into and surrounding the building. Includes a review of all relevant engineering/building plans (e.g. architectural, structural, civil, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical).
  • Preliminary VMS conceptual design review with key project stakeholders (e.g. Environmental Assessor, EPA Auditor, architect, builder, civil contractors etc).
  • Coover VMS Detailed Design Specification and Construction Quality Assurance Plan (CQAP) for final review and approval prior to commencement of VMS construction works.
2-4 weeks
  • Initial VMS pre-construction meeting with appointed builder and key subcontractors.
  • Construct and incorporate VMS elements into the final building form.
  • Interim/periodic VMS performance verification testing during construction.
  • If required, independent VMS CQAP inspections/certifications at pre-defined hold points.
  • Preparation of final as-built VMS drawings on completion of works.
Dependent on appointed builder’s construction program
  • Issue final VMS Commissioning and Compliance Report on completion of all VMS works.
  • If requried issue Operational Maintenance and Monitoring Plan (OM&M).
  • If required EPA Auditor and/or independent certifier final approvals and certification as required.
1-2 weeks
  • If required scheduled VMS monitoring, periodic inspections and maintenance works.
  • If required VMS Decommissioning works.
As required

Globally Sourced Solutions

Coover vapour mitigation solutions - globally sourced solutions

Our VMS solutions include one or more of the following elements depending on the level of VI risk, building form and required factors of safety (FoS);

– Active venting systems (AVS)
– Sub-slab depressurisation (SSD)
– DrainVent55 – Plenum Drainage & Venting Systems
– Passive venting systems (PVS)
– Hybrid active/passive/solar powered venting systems
– Vapour barrier membranes and liners
– Cut off walls and venting trenches
– Sewer and stormwater gas protection measures
– Exhaust off-gas treatment systems (GAC / Filtration units)
– Enhanced basement ventilation
– Surface sealants and coatings
– Concrete additives and upgraded concrete slabs
– 24/7 continuous remote telemetry monitoring
– Building alarms / PLC systems
– Construction Quality Assurance Plans (CQAP) and
– Operational Monitoring and Maintenance (OM&M) Plans

Globally Sourced Solutions

Where required Coover also provides ongoing VMS Operation Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M) support to ensure all VMS installations commissioned by Coover work efficiently and effectively for the designed life of VMS. This may include annual VMS inspection checks of passive venting systems to ensure all exhaust vents and air intakes are clear and in good working order to more sophisticated 24/7 online monitoring of equipment (e.g. fans, alarms, sensors etc) on high risk sites which require higher levels of operational performance and compliance. In all cases we work closely with the managing Owners Corporation/Facility Managers to ensure ongoing monitoring requirements can be implemented efficiently and cost effectively.

Coover operational maintenance and monitoring 2
Coover operational maintenance and monitoring
Coover operational maintenance and monitoring report

Coover Vapour Mitigation Solutions

Integrating science, engineering & construction