Sunshine residential development following EPA groundwater investigation2018-02-27T23:21:05+00:00

22 February 2017

Coover provisionally appointed by Fusion to design and construct a VMS for a residential development in Sunshine adjacent to the former Massey Ferguson which following investigations by EPA in 2014 was found to contain elevated levels of TCE in groundwater and soil vapour. The development comprises 44 townhouses and 12 units across a site area of approximately 8400m2. In consultation with the appointed EPA Auditor, builder and structural engineers, Coover developed a low cost, scalable and highly effective venting solution comprising a sacrificial void forming system beneath each apartment. VMS construction works scheduled for June 2017 following EPA Auditor approval of VMS Design and CQA Documentation as part of a 53X Environmental Audit.

EPA Community Update: Sunshine groundwater investigation